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Matex makes all efforts to ensure compliance with GHS.

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) is an internationally agreed upon system, created by the United Nations. It will standardise the classification and labelling of chemicals worldwide. On December 1st, 2010 the corresponding regulation for pure substances came into force in the EU countries. As from June 1st, 2015, GHS will also be applicable for preparations, which will then fall into the class "mixtures".

It is designed to replace various classification and labelling standards used in different countries by using consistent criteria for classification and labelling on a global level.

GHS includes new labelling elements that are divided into hazard classes and hazard categories. There are new signal words such as "Danger" and "Warning". The R and S phrases will be replaced by H and P phrases.

The classification and labelling in the material safety data sheets remain unchanged until June 1st, 2015. With products that will be changed before that date, the old and new classification and labelling will be indicated in the material safety data sheets.

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