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ECOTEXTILE News: The Environmental Magazine for the Global Textile Supply Chain | June/July 2019 Issue: Featuring our Megapro® ECO range, Matex’s Salt-Free Dyeing Process
Jun. 6, 2019

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Source: ECOTEXTILE News eMagazine – June/July 2019 (Page 61)

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Salt-free dyeing from Matex

SINGAPORE – ETAD Member and bluesign system partner Matex has expanded on its range of low temperature reactive dyestuffs with the introduction of a new system that it says enables the dyeing of cotton in exhaust without the need for salt.

“This is the next generation process solution that aims to enhance sustainable practices in the global textile supply chain,” says Dro Tan, business development manager at Matex International. “It is an exciting ongoing revolution which Matex is working closely with its global strategic brands, partners and customers to implement quickly.”

Essentially, the new system works as a simple 3-step exhaust dyeing process with pre-dyeing, dyeing and wash-off. After pre-treatment, the fabric is then dyed with ‘Megafix ECO’, “which is only a 30 min process done at 60 degrees,” said Dro. “Typically this is shorter than conventional times of between 45 – 60 mins, with turquoise dyed at 60 degrees instead of the normal 80 degree Celsius.” “Soaping and wash-off is done using a process that uses 2-3 baths instead of the usual 5-6 baths depending on the depth of shade,” he says, “and all without the need for salt.”

The company says its new ‘Megapro ECO’ can be used on existing dyeing equipment and significantly helps to reduce water, energy and time related cost. “Importantly, with the aim to meet ever stringent environmental regulations related to TDS (total dissolved solids), COD and BOD and colour requirement levels in wastewater effluent according to ZDHC guidelines, the new dyestuff enables easier treatment and overall effluent costs,” says Tan. “We are further committed to the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) and to comply with its Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL)”, said Dro. “Our products are approved by Intertek’s Green Leaf Mark Environmental Certification, which places strong emphasis on the ban of hazardous azo dyes and limits on extractable heavy metal content.” Web:

Source: ECOTEXTILE News eMagazine – June/July 2019 (Page 88)