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Aug. 14, 2019
IPI | INNOVATION INSIGHTS | Igniting innovation - Dro Tan
Aug. 2, 2019
Matex Profile Updated on Global Compact Network
Jul. 12, 2019
Matex Join Hands with Wateroam to end Rural Thirst to meet United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Good Water is CLEAN & Available to All!! Start TODAY to make an impact, Choose Megapro® ECO
Jul. 12, 2019
Matex to work with Singapore Fashion Runway to help Special Needs to take part in Next Top Inclusive Model Hunt 2019
Jun. 11, 2019
Matex supports and becomes a member of Global Compact Network Singapore (GCNS)
Jun. 6, 2019
ECOTEXTILE News: The Environmental Magazine for the Global Textile Supply Chain | June/July 2019 Issue: Featuring our Megapro® ECO range, Matex’s Salt-Free Dyeing Process
Jun. 3, 2019
Textile Today: Driving Business with Knowledge! | May 2019 Issue: Featuring our Megapro® RE and Megapro® ECO range
May. 8, 2019
2019 Bangladesh Textile Today | Matex footprint will be different, what’s yours?
May. 8, 2019
ETAD - Annual Membership Certificate 2019
May. 1, 2019
Matex Partners PLANET TEXTILES 2019 in Barcelona this June to showcase Megapro® ECO
Mar. 21, 2019
Matex publishes its Communication on Progress Report for FY2018
Mar. 7, 2019
Textile Today: Driving Business with Knowledge!