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Matex partners ZDHC Gateway: A Solution for the Entire Industry
Aug. 5, 2021

Matex is a global provider of dyes and chemicals, filled with driving innovation and better practise intent in clean color science technologies, partners ZDHC in the Roadmap to Zero Discharge Of Hazardous Chemicals.

As a ZDHC formulator, we will focus on advancing through working tirelessly to participate in the industry's standards, towards a safer chemical management platform which is in line with the goals of Matex and its stakeholders.

Producing and distributing our products that conform to ZDHC MRSL requirement and through the ZDHC Gateway, we hope to continue to reach out to share our commitment and combined efforts.

We sincerely believe our continued involvement with ZDHC will significantly strengthen our solutions and uncover new ones to meet global market needs and truly become a sustainable solution provider that the world will seek for!

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